This topic ties in to my previous blog post. I believe that it is extremely important to continually grow.

Reflection upon your weaknesses and where you would like to improve is essential to growth. It is vital to evaluate this area on a regular basis to stay on track. I believe that your weaknesses make you stronger as you overcome them. You have to consistently move through those weak points by constant learning, asking questions, gaining knowledge, and building strengths.

Acknowledging and celebrating your strengths is important to your self-esteem and confidence. Being constantly down on yourself or not acknowledging can be detrimental to your growth. I believe that your strengths and accomplishments are something to be celebrated. Falling short of your goals can happen, but if you recognize the accomplishments that got you closer, you will be better off.

Be honest with yourself and realize that there is always room for improvement. Nobody is perfect or knows everything. Everyone you meet knows something you don’t. Take the time for yourself regularly to figure out where you would like to improve and you will make great strides towards accomplishing what you set out to do. Even a small step can take you further than you ever imagined. Why would you hold back?

Be critical of yourself, but don’t be too critical! Too much criticism is no bueno for your confidence. The key to all of this is to find a balance between self-assessment and self-detriment. Another useful tool, gathering differing opinions from trusted friends or family who you know will be honest with you. Dishonesty doesn’t help anybody. Ask them not to sugarcoat their response, as the more blunt the answer, the stronger it will stick with you.

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